It’s no secret that as new parents, we want what’s best for our babies. Ever since I became pregnant with my little boy, I dreamed of nothing but wanting to make sure his surroudings would be safe, whether it would be on the go, or at home. I got rid of all the harsh chemicals in my home, went about making our own pureed organic food for him, avoiding medicines, you name it. The one thing I am most certainly obsessed with is organic clothing. Knowing and understanding the science behind what organic really means became the inspiration behind my line of products. It's  why I have become an advocate for organic everything. Babies and children are the most vulnerable to the health risks related to pesticides. Choosing organic cotton clothing reduces their exposure to toxic and persistent pesticides on their skin. Everyone deserves a little organic luxury.

High-quality materials

We only use the best materials – these gift sets are are made up of high-quality and thirsty 100% Organic fibers – we don’t want to harm the soft skin of the little ones. This material is gentle on baby's skin. 


Awesome Designs 

No Dyes, assorted prints, modern and fun illustrations, an alternative to classic bibs and blankets. Adds an unique style to baby's accessory wardrobe. 



Our bibs are great for feeding and for those drooly monsters. Helps prevent stains on clothes. Comfy and keeps baby happy.

Our blankets are a luxurious must have that have outstanding performance in all temperatures. 


Low prices

We want everybody to take advantage of our line of products and that is why we offer the lowest prices for the quality.

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Why choose us?

Tired of wet clothes, want a soft on the skin bib,  we have you covered! We also offer a luxurious line of amazingly soft organic bamboo cotton muslin blankets, performance in all temperatures.

We are true fans of anything and everything organic for our babies. Our belief is that babies deserve to have the best of the best.  

Buying organic baby products is a great step towards ensuring the health of our children. Not only is it better for them right now when they are young, but because organically grown material is better for the environment as a whole. You are also supporting organic agriculture. This is essential in creating improved working conditions for farm workers.

Who we are?

We are a bunch of really happy and joyful people. We love doing things that make people smile and this is how we found the perfect "career" for us:  we create special things for special people, especially the little people.

We passionately believe in providing the best natural environmentally-made product to enhance the lives of every one of our customers. Our strict product criteria is driven by our commitment to providing our customers with the purest and highest quality of products.

What our Mommies say...

Jennifer Manzi- Fort Drum, NY 
Jennifer Manzi- Fort Drum, NY 
These bibs are FABULOUS! My 7 month old has 1 tooth so far and the drooling is absolutely out of control! I usually have to change her ordinary bib 3-4 times a day. These bibs are incredibly soft and super absorbent...there is absolutely no comparison to regular bibs! I highly recommend them to ALL moms but especially moms of teething babies!
Dina Jesus- Newark, NJ
Dina Jesus- Newark, NJ
Love these bibs for my grandchildren! I highly recommend them! 

Sara Asalde- Branchburg, NJ
Sara Asalde- Branchburg, NJ
I bought a few for my son and I absolutely love these!! He drools so much and this saved us a lot of clothes and laundry. You can't have enough bibs when you have a teething baby around. I especially love that they are organic. They are so soft on his skin and helps stop his rashes on his neck. I definitely recommend these bibs!

End that drooly mess! 

We are true fans of anything and everything organic for our babies. Our belief is that babies deserve to have the best of the best. Shop our awesome 100% Organic bandana bibs at the best prices. 

Satisfaction is guaranteed

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  • If you don't like the item, send it back and we'll replace it with another one 


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